Monday, 1 October 2012

Quitches Be Crazy about feminism (QBC 3)

Quitches Be Crazy

Quitches Be Crazy 

This week we Quitches Be Crazy about feminism! Actually we always are. But RatsAsBigAsCats and I were talking about a journal article she was reading when (not) prepping her dissertation which went into stashing building as a feminist issue. Set us thinking. So to this week's quitches questions... 

Q1) Photo Stash shame is a feminist issue, let's tackle it with a stash shot (one or more discipline).      

Fabric stash here, this is from the drawer that unlike the others isn't sorted by colour.
I also have a bead and fixings stash, embroidery floss too... shoes don't count as stash items right? 

Q2) Text - Do you read one book at a time or have a stash on the go? What's in the to read file?
Oh I stash! 
Gym book - The Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving
Bedside books & others here:
Holiday book - I remember nothing by Nora Ephron 

Q3) LinkyWhat can you show me to fill me with what they used to call 'girl power'? 
Campaign for no more page 3 - by Hollie McNish

I also think everyone should read 'How to be a Woman' by Caitlin Moran.

Q4) WiP?
The geek boy quilt top is still unfinished because hand appliqueing straight strips is hideous.  

So that's me QBC week 3! 
To Quitch-along with us see my instructions hereRatsAsBigAsCats' side is bound to be better than mine too so take a look. 


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