Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Skull Lap Quilt (I ain't Guild material)

I eschewed the option of submitting to the Festival of Quilts this year partly because, well... hell if the cupcakes and bunnies of last year's Geek Boy Quilt that I submitted to the 'My First Quilt' category wasn't for the ladies of the Quilters Guild I was pretty sure that this one would go down pretty badly too. Anyway it's for me - and I can judge myself plenty hard enough thank you! As it turned out I fractured a bone in my leg so I couldn't even go to the FoQ but anyway...

It's been a long time in the making having been a very early bit of log cabin-ing, each stage came very slow behind the other in no sort of rush... but then I moved house and now I have a cutting table! An IKEA table of adjustable height meant I could trim the basted, quilted thing without having to break my knees on the floor!

Oh sure having a cast on my leg (and needing the aid of crutches to walk) over the summer didn't make it easy - but it did allow me time. So... here is is bound and done.  
Skulls, dots and hexagons - my Skull lap quilt
The pieced quilt back uses dizzyingly swirly black and white pattern 'YEAH.AI' by Brother Sister Design Studio - I love it but WOW is it hard on the eyes to work with!

Skull lap quilt - the back
Luckily having taken forever in making this quilt I didn't, as I had thought I might, compromise on bias binding and instead had time to stumble across the yellow dotty lace-edged bias binding in the wonderful haberdashers Darn it & Stitch in Oxford. The Alexander Henry fabric in the centre and the yellow dots were both also Darn it and Stitch buys I think - from many moons ago. These really were very early fabric purchases - I know this because I only picked up a small amount (not a mistake I make these days), and therefore didn't have any of either fabric for binding. Spotting (ha ha) the yellow dotty trim meant that I could finish my quilt! I feel as though the binding really does set it off wonderfully and brings a light and brightness to the whole piece.

I have suffered terrible quilt envy at Chez Penny (ratsasbigascats) as well as snuggly comfort of a sofa-based quilt so to have one of my own is such a thrill I can't tell you. Maybe I should have taken the photos before loafing and napping under it - but let's call that a 'testing phase'.

All in all - super chuffed!

As ever there are more pics on my Flickr.

I also finally joined Instagram this summer when I broke my leg (and therefore couldn't stand steady with my camera). Do take a look at my pics there if you like. I try to treat all social media as separate and different so lots of my stuff only exists there. I'm nbnqnbnq there too.