Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Etsy cherry popped

Somebody bought a thing I made, with my own fair hands - from my Etsy shop! A badge (pin-back button/ thing), that I made with my badge-maker and a postage stamp!

Thrilled doesn't cover how happy that made me!  Into the post went the rocket badge and a free hidden hand drawn ghost toast badge too, by way of a thank you. 

Banging on about 'my customer' I was, reeling from the joy of such validation.
Then to my incredulous delight I got another Etsy order... from the same discerning customer!
3 more postage stamp badges are whizzing their way to the U.S.A. now...
Despite the footprint of these little badges making their way across the Atlantic please don't think me environmentally careless. The second-use gift boxes were tarted up with nearlybutnotquites all over them, the jiffy bags reused, as was the tissue paper, ribbon, so indeed were the stamps themselves.
Low-enviro-guilt gifts, without making a song-and-dance about it.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Half logging

The lovely half log cabin I made in October as my first non hexagon patchwork has been kicking around my flat since.  Picked up considered for use, stroked and put down again too precious to do anything with.

Finally I found a luscious green/blue plain fabric to frame it with which saves it becoming too cutesified and I am pretty proud of how it turned out.

and doesn't it sit well with the yummy little typewriter cushion that Ratsasbigascats made for me when I coveted hers?
Seeing as it was she who taught me how to make it, and that we did so out of her scraps it does make sense though.

It's not perfect, because it was my first go, and because the cushion needs fluffing (and because I'm not a machine) but I'm very proud of it and so here it is. In it's full imperfect glory.


Monday, 2 April 2012

Slow cooked cupcakes

I don't bake real cakes, but still these are yummy. 
nearlybutnotquite dotty sprinkles cupcake brooch
Before I had done any quilting I started making these cupcake brooches to learn from. They are very fiddly, hand quilted over the cupcake pattern, with felt backing and plus then some are embellished with little tiny beads hand sewn on too.  Being a perfectionist/ masochist I of course felt the stitches had to be teeny-weeny and just about invisible. This is obviously the path to crazy, so over the bad light of Autumn and Winter I put the project to bed, and now I'm getting them completed!  It feels amazing.  

nearlybutnotquite choc drop cupcake brooch
Finishing these off feels like I can give myself permission to get on and finish some BIG stuff next. 
Though I fail to ever properly promote it I do even sometimes put things like this on my 'nearlybutnotquite' Etsy shop... and one day, once I've more items made, I will man-up and do some trumpet blowing to promote it. 

nearlybutnotquite beaded quilted fairycake brooch

Honest I will.