Monday, 24 September 2012

Quitches Be Crazy - 2

Quitches Be Crazy

Quitches Be Crazy 

We Quitches still Be Crazy! To Quitch-along with us see my instructions here.

Q1) Photo Let's have a sneaky peek in your ideas/ sketchbook?    

Thinking of what to do with my new embroidery habit!
Q2) Linky When the urge to comfort shop overwhelms you where do you go online/ foot/ both?    

Haberdashery is my comfort drug of choice, since I cannot be trusted in shoe shops.  

Online comfort shopping - 
The Village Haberdashery is so pretty and lovely, full of such nice things and you know when it arrives it comes is a cute dotty bag. *sold*  

Or Amazon - sometimes before I even realise I'm doing it. 

On foot comfort shopping - 
Darn it & Stitch of course! It's the haberdashery version of a sweet shop from Willy Wonka! The colours of the place are gorgeous, it's full of wool, ribbon, fabric and buttons... but it's not just that. Jo and her staff are so friendly and funny that it doesn't just make me smile to go there but actually laugh. 

Q3) Text What do you most love/ hate in about blogs?    

Love - The thing I most love in a blog is someone who is real, funny and inclusive.  Ideally I like them to be slightly sweary (I see that as a quality) and be teaching me something too. So Lu Summers is great as is Lynne of Lily's Quilts especially accompanied by their twitter selves. 

It doesn't necessarilily have to be a maker blog though. e.g. Loving Ms Marmite's new blog 

Hate - Call me Cruella but I hate the over-share. I never want to know about grim details about illness, maternity or other. Not that I want the polished pretence of perfection, just not the gross stuff please. 

Q4) WiP?
Can't claim my knitting or necklaces as a work in progress any more as I was finishing stuff at the weekend. Yeah get me! Finishing stuff - Christmas stuff! 
I bought a whole bunch of mini hoops though which are in Christmas progress... 

So that's me QBC week 2! Do take a look at RatsAsBigAsCats' side of this quitchery too won't you? She's much better at photos than me AND has been *tarting up her blog too. Though I've been able to advise Ratty and others about their web presence and felt very useful and clever, I have been awfully distracted by life changes of late myself but do plan to get better at all this. 

* must stop using the phrase 'tarting up'

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