Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bookbinding lesson

I love notebooks. I really do. I believe a new notebook can be as good as a tidy room. Lucky for me then that my dear friend Penny (rats as big as cats) needed to practice teaching bookbinding for one of her outreach and inclusion activities.

You need a few tools but the use of the foldback clip was my innovation

Mini teaching aid notebook
Finished sketchbook

Why not have a Bing lining?

Just sewing and knotting. Easy.

Hardback notebook with sections. Tricky!

You need to use maths and logic.

Sewing and taping

Cardboard cutting is even harder than paper

Glue. Lots of lovely PVA glue

Inserted paper scraps to stop the glue from taking more pages

Penny kindly showing me and my memory (camera)

Finished hardback notebook of my very own!

So I likely won't get hooked on this activity but I ended up with two lovely new notebooks and a new found admiration for those who do make handmade notebooks. I also understand why it must be infuriating to make them and them not be used. I do tend to do that, smoothing lovely clean unspoiled notebooks and scribbling on the back of an envelope instead.

So here... look... they're in use!

I drew what was nearby - my foot and my phone.



Friday, 26 July 2013

Oxford Crafters

Oxford Crafters' came out of the Etsy Meet Up that took place recently. It's organised by some young disaffected W.I.'ers and the first meet up took place on Tuesday. The purpose was to shape the group, asses what folk want etc. and of course do some creative stuff.
My postcard scribbles (it was before we knew the name)
The crafting task was Royal Baby postcards. Now of course I would never normally participate with such baby hoo hah (even if it's someone I know) but was showing willing. After all I want more craft and maker networking in Oxford and all the better if someone else is doing the organising. Since I am a sucker for being asked my opinion and for flattery I was also giving networking, promotional, branding and social media advice (which we know I love to do). I brought the lovely Penny (Rats as Big as Cats) along with me who, on top of our help and advice given, even helped to inspire the group's logo with her brilliant red suitcase project.

I took photos too... these are they...

Looking forward to seeing how this group shapes up.

nbnq xx