Monday, 15 October 2012

Quitches Be Crazy about Autumn (QBC 5)

Quitches Be Crazy
Quitches Be Crazy 

This week we Quitches Be Crazy about Autumn! Season of new shoes and knitwear to me it's also one for new starts and life planning. RatsAsBigAsCats is starting her final year of her art course and for me it's the start of a new Communications job. We will both also be getting some Christmas craft on meaning more of our WiPs being secret! So, having learned about what it means to be committed to a weekly blog Quitches Be Crazy is now taking a deep breath and moving to a monthly feature. 

So to this week's Autumn/ new term themed Quitches Be Crazy questions... 

Q1) Text - Autumn is firmly here. What do you do to get into the spirit of the season?      
Autumn means knitting and wearing knitwear, boots, tights, hot wine, but also buying new stationery sitting down with a notebook and making lists and goals for the coming year.
e.g. for example on my list is getting my CBT again, (which I'd allowed to expire) so that I can have the freedom of a motorbike eventually...

I love to walk along a leafy road, wrapped up warm, music on with a head full of plans and plots. Now I also have a shiny new day job to get stuck into which helps too! Autumn just feels like the start of the year in a way that New Year doesn't. 

Q2) Photo What sums up the back to school season for you?
Well short of a picture of new stationery, knitwear and new shoes... since I'm in in Oxford it has to be something like...

Q3) Linky/ Photo/ Text - What's inspiring you this week?
OOoh... the tentacle window by Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton that I saw in Florence really captured my imagination. It's so extraordinary and quite a thing to sell a handbag (just in view). 

Q4) WiP(s)? 
a) Skull in glow in the dark thread french knots - perfectly acceptable long-term WiP since glow-in-the-dark floss is a bitch and french knots require a lot of patience.
b) Flowers of hexagons stacking them up mindlessly. 
c) Case for my bamboo tablet for which I have outer and inner mostly finished... 
d) Knitting something navy blue - lovely mindless knitting to keep hands busy when brain is still in use. 
e) Finally learned how to do moss stitch... so practicing that with ugly yarn.
f) Geek boy quilt top all done and ready for basting I think... 
And there are more but there's simply not time today to list them all + it'd depress me.

Quitches Be Crazy moving to a monthly feature might even mean that I get some other blogging done now you never know! Certainly I have a new respect for proper bloggers. 
More quitching in November then... Should you want to Quitch-along with us see my instructions hereRatsAsBigAsCats' posts will have lovely, proper photos and all sorts too so do click to her post. 

In the meantime I may have time to actually DO some of those projects on the list, some Christmas makes as well as the other stuff in the calendar, gigs, movies and perhaps even some gymming.  I shall also try to get more photos on my much neglected flickr and tumblr... maybe even the old etsy


Sunday, 7 October 2012

Quitches Be Crazy about holidays (QBC 4)

Quitches Be Crazy

Quitches Be Crazy 

This week we Quitches Be Crazy about holidays! I am famous for failing to take leave from the day job, let alone taking proper holidays but I did and now I see what the fuss is about! I came back with my notebook of ideas and not all of them were for Italian salads, pizzas and pasta dishes. RatsAsBigAsCats does do such things and encouraged me to too. She's been off in Devon and I went to Florence. So to this week's holiday themed quitches questions... 

Q1) Photo - What was the favourite architectural detail or thing you saw on a building during your holiday then?      

In amongst all of the classical statues, renaissance art, shutters and arches this little detail with a space monkey stuck up inside really made me smile. The tear marks where someone obviously tried to remove it and failed I especially enjoy. 

Q2) Photo What did you see on your holidays and think of me?
This bike:
The Magic is Might-esque turtles under a pillar:

Q4) WiP?
Oh there are several WiPs kicking around but I have not sewn, stitched or crafted in a week! Sketches and photos, lists and inspiration only. A fallow week - deliberately. Me? Imagine!  

Should you want to Quitch-along with us see my instructions hereRatsAsBigAsCats' posts will have lovely photos and all sorts too so do click to her post. 


Monday, 1 October 2012

Quitches Be Crazy about feminism (QBC 3)

Quitches Be Crazy

Quitches Be Crazy 

This week we Quitches Be Crazy about feminism! Actually we always are. But RatsAsBigAsCats and I were talking about a journal article she was reading when (not) prepping her dissertation which went into stashing building as a feminist issue. Set us thinking. So to this week's quitches questions... 

Q1) Photo Stash shame is a feminist issue, let's tackle it with a stash shot (one or more discipline).      

Fabric stash here, this is from the drawer that unlike the others isn't sorted by colour.
I also have a bead and fixings stash, embroidery floss too... shoes don't count as stash items right? 

Q2) Text - Do you read one book at a time or have a stash on the go? What's in the to read file?
Oh I stash! 
Gym book - The Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving
Bedside books & others here:
Holiday book - I remember nothing by Nora Ephron 

Q3) LinkyWhat can you show me to fill me with what they used to call 'girl power'? 
Campaign for no more page 3 - by Hollie McNish

I also think everyone should read 'How to be a Woman' by Caitlin Moran.

Q4) WiP?
The geek boy quilt top is still unfinished because hand appliqueing straight strips is hideous.  

So that's me QBC week 3! 
To Quitch-along with us see my instructions hereRatsAsBigAsCats' side is bound to be better than mine too so take a look.