Monday, 24 September 2012

Quitches Be Crazy - 2

Quitches Be Crazy

Quitches Be Crazy 

We Quitches still Be Crazy! To Quitch-along with us see my instructions here.

Q1) Photo Let's have a sneaky peek in your ideas/ sketchbook?    

Thinking of what to do with my new embroidery habit!
Q2) Linky When the urge to comfort shop overwhelms you where do you go online/ foot/ both?    

Haberdashery is my comfort drug of choice, since I cannot be trusted in shoe shops.  

Online comfort shopping - 
The Village Haberdashery is so pretty and lovely, full of such nice things and you know when it arrives it comes is a cute dotty bag. *sold*  

Or Amazon - sometimes before I even realise I'm doing it. 

On foot comfort shopping - 
Darn it & Stitch of course! It's the haberdashery version of a sweet shop from Willy Wonka! The colours of the place are gorgeous, it's full of wool, ribbon, fabric and buttons... but it's not just that. Jo and her staff are so friendly and funny that it doesn't just make me smile to go there but actually laugh. 

Q3) Text What do you most love/ hate in about blogs?    

Love - The thing I most love in a blog is someone who is real, funny and inclusive.  Ideally I like them to be slightly sweary (I see that as a quality) and be teaching me something too. So Lu Summers is great as is Lynne of Lily's Quilts especially accompanied by their twitter selves. 

It doesn't necessarilily have to be a maker blog though. e.g. Loving Ms Marmite's new blog 

Hate - Call me Cruella but I hate the over-share. I never want to know about grim details about illness, maternity or other. Not that I want the polished pretence of perfection, just not the gross stuff please. 

Q4) WiP?
Can't claim my knitting or necklaces as a work in progress any more as I was finishing stuff at the weekend. Yeah get me! Finishing stuff - Christmas stuff! 
I bought a whole bunch of mini hoops though which are in Christmas progress... 

So that's me QBC week 2! Do take a look at RatsAsBigAsCats' side of this quitchery too won't you? She's much better at photos than me AND has been *tarting up her blog too. Though I've been able to advise Ratty and others about their web presence and felt very useful and clever, I have been awfully distracted by life changes of late myself but do plan to get better at all this. 

* must stop using the phrase 'tarting up'

Monday, 17 September 2012

Quitches Be Crazy - 1

Quitches Be Crazy

Quitches Be Crazy 

If you're thinking 'What are you on about?' 'Are you making up words now?' or 'Can I play?' click on: What's a Quitch? for my introduction. 

Rats as Big as Cats and me we're not like the other Quitches.

On with a gentle start to our first Quitches Be Crazy questions then:

Q1) Photo What item that you could hold with one hand is your most precious?    

Without my specs I couldn't function. Forget sewing, reading or greeting friends in the street you'd all just be a fuzzy blur to me. 

When choosing my first pair of glasses I said to the Optician I wanted frames 'just like my daddy's' - obviously a bad idea. Carlos the Jackal style aviators hardly go with a gingham dress and plaits! I crunched many pairs under foot and floordrobe etc.. too. I ended up on very good terms with the Design Technology teacher at school who'd keep on fixing them in new and interesting ways. Now I have these sturdy Dior ones and I love them. 

Luckily they make me look both cooler and cleverer too.  Presumably that's what the whole 'Can I try your glasses on?' bit is all about. But I could do without the 'OOh you're really blind aren't you?' that follows. Ha, had me pegged as a hipster? Nah - I need these. 


Q2) Audio - What's the best album/ playlist to craft to? (Name the craft, name & link to the music).

A Contrary Mary I change my mind a lot on this but on this day in history... 

Embroidery and hand quilting - Upbeat poppiness with a sad edge ideally like: Tellison, Trophy WifeLittle Comets that sort of thing.

For knittingLazerhawk allows me to think my own thoughts, tap my feet and bob my head. 

Machine sewing - I do love a proper album to sing along (shamefully badly) to - give me some 
Twin Atlantic - Free, 
Idlewild (any album up to 2007), 
Faith no more - This is it: the best of (it reminds me of the come-back gig at Brixton which was AMAZING), 
Throwing Muses - University, 
or maybe a bit of PJ Harvey.  

If I'm offering one of my playlists then it'll be splendid  

John Martyn and Suede are my great loves so they go with everything! 


Q3) Text - What's your favourite motto(s) or quotes to keep you buoyed and/ or making?

“When it's difficult like this, the taste (of winning) is better.”
-      Valentino Rossi

"My life will only be what I make it. If I accept defeat, I deserve defeat"
Azealia Banks


Q4) Regular Q What's your current Work in Progress?

HA ha! Most everything I've ever started quilt-wise, plus a scarf, some jewellery that got too fiddly for the evening light... a card... but getting the most attention is the fabric from the ugly swap at the Fat Quarterly Retreat that I'm embroidering in several colours to see how that changes it... 


Phew! So the nearlybutnotquite end of Quitches be Crazy week 1 is done! My first go at such a thing. Next week may be entirely different! 

nbnq x

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Quitches be Crazy - What's a Quitch anyway?
Quitches Be Crazy 

Quitches (noun): 
Meaning: Hardcore ladies who quilt 
Rhymes with: Witches and Bitches
Example sentance: I went to pick up my quilt from the show but the Quitches elbowed me in the ribs, pushed in front of me and sneered at it because of the modern use of colour. 

Quitches Be Crazy is a new feature which I am sharing with my dear friend Rats as Big as CatsWe're not like the other Quitches and are enjoying some learning about and inspiring each other whilst living far apart nowadays. We are in fact having a frenaissance, (yes it's a Friends' reference), where we get to know each other better again, after big changes in each of our lives. We are also encouraging one-another to blog-up too. Since we are thoroughly modern ladies we are going multimedia with this thing a mix of photos, words, links, and sounds to answer questions each week. 

If you want to play too we've got a button. We will pick our 3 questions by Wednesday and post on a Monday. To go full linky do post in the comments here won't you? It's a first for us and we're keen to learn from it. So feedback to me is very welcome. 

You can email me (nearlybutnotquite [at] rocketmail [dot] com, comment here or find me on twitter (as nbnqnbnq). 

We start this coming Monday...