Sunday, 7 October 2012

Quitches Be Crazy about holidays (QBC 4)

Quitches Be Crazy

Quitches Be Crazy 

This week we Quitches Be Crazy about holidays! I am famous for failing to take leave from the day job, let alone taking proper holidays but I did and now I see what the fuss is about! I came back with my notebook of ideas and not all of them were for Italian salads, pizzas and pasta dishes. RatsAsBigAsCats does do such things and encouraged me to too. She's been off in Devon and I went to Florence. So to this week's holiday themed quitches questions... 

Q1) Photo - What was the favourite architectural detail or thing you saw on a building during your holiday then?      

In amongst all of the classical statues, renaissance art, shutters and arches this little detail with a space monkey stuck up inside really made me smile. The tear marks where someone obviously tried to remove it and failed I especially enjoy. 

Q2) Photo What did you see on your holidays and think of me?
This bike:
The Magic is Might-esque turtles under a pillar:

Q4) WiP?
Oh there are several WiPs kicking around but I have not sewn, stitched or crafted in a week! Sketches and photos, lists and inspiration only. A fallow week - deliberately. Me? Imagine!  

Should you want to Quitch-along with us see my instructions hereRatsAsBigAsCats' posts will have lovely photos and all sorts too so do click to her post. 


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  1. DOTTY!!!! Loving that bike. I keep thinking I'll hipster my bike like this post ( but I know what would happen in reality is that I will take all the pieces apart, spray paint it badly and then have no idea how it goes back together.