Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Hexagon patchwork necklaces (worth waiting for)

I knew this patchwork hexagon business was spiralling out of control early on, with a full quilt a faint, fuzzy dot on the horizon so I thought I'd make a couple of little things to give myself the warm joy of completing a thing or two. So I started to make some hexagon patchwork necklaces...
2 years later and I'm finishing the third one!

Hexagon patchwork necklace by nearlybutnotquite
They are hand pieced hexies, sewn onto a felt back ground and with a ribbon on. Sounds so easy, but it involved a bit of thinking and a lot of fiddly stitches... but here they are in my Etsy shop. I'm bloody proud of them. The first one has certainly been much admired. If only I could make them faster - but of course they still have to be perfect. Still, I can give it a shot!

Hexagon patchwork necklace by nearlybutnotquite
I like to think they'd look brilliant on a Chloe Sevingy, a Rita Ora or someone else brave with fashion.
Hey, a girl can dream right? 

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