Thursday, 28 June 2012

Darn it! (my cake is back)

Oh imagine my delight in seeing my patchwork cake back in the window of  Darn it and Stitch (the divine little Oxford Haberdashery)!
Hexagon Patchwork Cake (what I made) in Darn it & Stitch now
I got strong-armed, okay, sweet-talked by the delightful and charming craft-pusher (shop-keeper) Jo into making her a cake for her celebration/ competition for the shop's 1st birthday last year. It was my first finished patchwork thing and seeing it again and reflecting on it now I'm even more proud! 
But I missed out on the 2nd anniversary celebrations, a yarn bombing of Oxford, as I was off with another of my hats on doing my Sciencebook stuff on a Windfarm (losing my heels into the mud). Plus I had to go to a bloody (lovely) wedding in that wet Wales so I missed out on the cakey party bit and Mr X Stitch's workshop too! 
Yeah that's right - patchwork candleGutted though I was to have missed all of the birthday celebrations I'm in the photos of the Darn it and Stitch item on page 11 of this month's Mollie Makes twice, plus my make and note are on the shop's window display - so I still feel as though I was involved!  
I love Darn it and Stitch. The lovely things, space and people - obviously! Dropping by to chat to Jo and buy stuff I don't need, but couldn't live without... But I also love the impact on the Oxford craft, designer/maker community it has clearly had - and feeling a part of it.  I'm thrilled with the skills I have learned and the places it's taking me creatively and personally. It's great to hear Jo's big plans for the Darn it & Stitch Universe and I can never wait to see the new (Pin Works) workshops to see where might fancy taking myself next!

I'm so proud that I made that cake. I'm flattered that it's out again for this year's celebration and I have to blush that my thank you note is in a frame on the window sill too! Roll on no. 3! 
Photo by Lady Butterworth's
Last year's Darn it and Stitch Birthday window - when it was 1.


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