Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Ambitious secret project gift sweat shop panic mode very much engaged at the moment and once it's over I'll need a rest and retreat...
Here is a wee glimpse of a bit of it.

Did I say retreat? I meant sewing retreat!  It's the Fat Quarterly Retreat over the weekend of the Queen's Jubilee and I'm going.  Excited as I am, nervous is probably winning a bit at the moment. Thanks to the joys of social media I've seen photos of the name badge swap, blogs about it, twitter messages between teachers and attendees... and it feels like they all know each other, or they have time to make stuff, years of experience or a combination of those things... and I don't.

I'm a terrible blog lurker. I follow loads of them and almost never comment. This means that I know a creepy amount about folk who I will likely recognise if not on sight, then by their work, and yet I will know no-one.

I resolve to :
1) introduce myself to those people who I've e-stalked. They will I'm sure be flattered not scared.
2) try not to give myself a hard time if I feel competitive, or even bottom of the class-ish
3) leave with a brain full of new learning and maybe (hopefully) new stitchy friends to squeal at or take guidance from in times of craft panic... such as this one!


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