Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Fat Quarterly Retreat

Fat QuarterlyJubilee weekend in that London and I shall FINALLY be on the Fat Quarterly sewing retreat. Honestly I can't f***ing wait. I pre-packed last night... and I'm super excited!  I see from the other participants' blogs etc. that I'm not alone in my excitement. All the FQR-ers seem to be! Some were packing weeks ago. Never have I ever felt like the least organised stitcher. Usually I'm she who is earliest, with the biggest bag full of zip-lock bags obsessively colour coordinated etc... I've not been involved in the name-badge make, or any of the other pre-event gubbins. It's hard enough to just pack for the weekend when it's like 'This fabric... no that fabric... Ah BOTH fabrics!' 'Ah sh**... must pack some clothes in this bag too!'

Things to know about me for the other FQR-ers... I look like this.

People who know have previously described me as:
'a cross between Shere Khan and Thumper'
- because I might seem scary but really I'm lovely
'a bit dun-de-dun-de-de-dun-de-de-dun [the Imperial March]'
 - I wear a lot of black
'incorrigible flirt and booze hound'
- so if you want to be lead astray I can likely have my arm twisted to the bar... or there's every chance that you can find me there.

My name is Sally in real life, but I'm nearlybutnotquite as a maker because I so want things that I make to be perfect... and need reassuring that it 'nearly' is... I often remind myself that even Mary Poppins was only 'practically perfect'. This means I'm terrible for not finishing things. But I so admire that in others.

Actually I'm pretty new to the world of sewing and blog reading even, let alone writing. Though I do remember a cross-stitching in the playground phase when I was 10 and the sampler still hangs in my mum's house. In just a couple of years it's built up to a frightening obsession - mostly EPP hexagons. Seriously they fill my flat.  Basically this retreat is a meeting of Fabric Addicts (not very) Anonymous for me but I'm hoping to learn from some lovely people whose blogs and work I admire from afar and meet some like-minded strangers.  

See you soon FQR-ers!


  1. hehe you and me at the bar then, see you there :)

  2. Wooohoooo! See you Saturday

  3. Only one more sleep for me and this time tomorrow I'll be rolling my case down to my friend's house for a lift to the airport.