Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Instagram Summer

I broke my ankle at the start of the Summer holiday* and resigned myself to a very indoorsy couple of months. I had drawing, sewing etc. but photography seemed dimmed since I could hardly use my heavy Nikon whilst unsteady on my sticks. So for a little bit more social and a bit of creative learning - I finally joined Instagram.

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Despite having Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook I try to treat each one separate from the others.
One of my pet peeves is linked sharing across social media. The same thing coming full across all social media with broken links, missing text, hashtags where they don't belong...? Drives me potty and if, like me, you use lots of social media channels then you can feel as though you're getting spammed... especially when it's not even an interesting or appealing image.  There's also the former communications advisor me who wants to give my feedback on how to do this better, think about your audience, maximise your content and all that...  but I don't reckon my friends sharing bikini/baby/DIY pics would thank me. 

I set myself a few rules. 

1) No food pictures
2) Share between one and three photos per day (no more no less)
3) Take pics of bits/ all of my own drawings
4) Photograph inspirations 
5) Share pictures via other social media as and when appropriate
6) Enjoy it

Now of course I am at Art School being a Fashion and Textile Design student and Instagram use is very much encouraged too. Folk have told me that they enjoy seeing what I'm up to (especially those who knew me as a nose-to-the-grindstone professional) and that seeing my work is inspiring. Well I'm a sucker for that sort of thing so on I go. Plus I really enjoy connecting with other creative people that I have/ haven't met in real life - and to peruse the work that my peers are making too of course.

I broke one of my rules yesterday by posting four pictures. It really annoyed me... until I remembered that they were my own guidelines and I could break them if I wanted/needed to... and yesterday after making a fabric print I HAD to share a 'visualisation' (mock up of use) that I did with it!

Here I am though restating my intentions (for myself) and hoping that others will enjoy seeing my inspirations, makes, journey and a bit of me.

My instagram is here: http://instagram.com/nbnqnbnq

Follow me if you like... or not if you don't, but do join Instagram if you haven't already.  It really helps to reflect on where you're spending your time - whether creatively or otherwise. I certainly spot when it's been a while since I did any drawing or if I'm falling into a design rut.

nbnq xx

*at a music festival (Truck) going over a net made of of guy ropes to tents at about 2:30am on the last night since you asked. 


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