Wednesday, 24 April 2013

FOQ me!

Mouthed off last year about the Festival of Quilts didn't I? Railing about the submissions of modern quilts I called out for us to do better... for folk to submit their quilts for us all to see in real life (not touch, oOOoh no not touch!). Me and my big mouth. Now obviously it comes time to put my money where my big mouth is and submit something myself doesn't it? I must make something of my own and walk the walk. Must I? Reeeeally? Yes, I definitely must.

My goal was to create a quilt that really comes into it's own when on a poorly person. You know that sort of poorly when you can't pick up a book, or watch telly but instead you just stare at cracks in the walls or divert yourself with a patterned curtain? That's what I mean. When  you've long hours to fill so you find a small detail makes you smile or transports you to elsewhere in your mind than in pain or discomfort, that's what I was aiming to achieve.

My quilt/thing/piece is hand-pieced hexagons (surprise!), appliqued onto a off kilter rectangle, which was pieced with my handle-turn Singer, appliqued straight lines (which are wonky but I couldn't face re-doing), basted and now part hand-quilted - but still with quite a way to go. It's not perfect. Really I would like to be submitting the back piece in which my hexies are safely and neatly framed into a nice neat row in amongst the polka dots. It's the side I prefer. The symmetry and rigidity pleases and comforts me - but as my kind friends have reminded me when I need them to - this quilt is not for me and my comfort. Always in mind I have the end result is not about pleasing the FOQ ladies but rather in the years afterwards to provide comfort to someone whom I care for in low times.
Geek boy quilt (basted stage) mini hexy detail
My kind, supportive, encouraging friends have provided guidance, encouragement and support (and I might need more still):
  • Rats as big as Cats has coached me and kept me focused when I needed it, as did Quilt Fairy and my friend Noreen - no small task since helping me to create 'movement' and making something A-symmetric did NOT come easily to me I tell you! 
  • Whilst making this I also have in mind Curly Boy who as my geek-quilter chum I so want to impress with this thing! I also know a lot of the old lady patchwork jacket crew are NOT going to 'get' it. I want to be able to add it to Curly Boy's Sew Geek Flickr Group for geek stitchery and be amongst those who will appreciate what I was going for. It ain't kittens and flowers.
  • Flylilypad chivvied me forward, encouraged me in sweary motivational language and reminded me of the coming deadline as did others, for which I am very grateful. 
  • Scruffalo who is to be the eventual owner of and snuggler-under of this quilt is therefore of course, my muse and inspiration but was the original motivation to get on with it at all! Something this size was terrifying - until the request came and I knew I HAD to do it. Been waiting aeons now mind and won't get it until the mid-August heat of summer! I am very glad of the patience. 
  • Jo and Klee from Darn it and Stitch have been beyond brilliant and so encouraging... Jo's being incredibly supportive... not like a cheer, or shouting encouragement, more like two hands on my back shoving me forward. Like let's arrange a coach full of people to FOQ and 'go and see your quilt' supportive. *gulp* 

I can't bear the idea of everyone I'd let down if I failed to submit (and one of them is me) so here goes... WISH ME LUCK!

So I've submitted my application *now*! I've written some blurb and given dimensions but now I need to finish it... soon, so soon... like best stop typing and get on with hand quilting sort of soon. Yep. *double gulp*

Enjoying the sunny weather? Not really sitting with a quilt on your lap weather is it? Nope. But on I go.

If you're in the same position do let me know. Let us encourage and support one another, then bring something to show and tell, in the hope that if I do you will then will all have an inspiring interesting time. There's no shame in being a beginner and everyone has to start somewhere. Come on boys and girls - submit - there's still time!

nbnq xx
 (if you wish to chivvy, encourage or berate me on twitter I'm @nbnqnbnq)


  1. I will be on the coach to see it! And there at the end while we battle the sharp elbows to collect our quilts at the end..

  2. Sandra 17th. July 2013

    Have booked minibus with patchwork buddy Pamela, am in awe of your bravery, can't wait to see result, I am more conventional but willing to embrace lateral thinking !