Friday, 3 August 2012

What do you DO with embroidery?

Doodling with stitches? I love it. It seems that embroidery requires the ability to slow down, sit still and appreciate something that requires patience and time, much like whiskey. So now I have reached the age where all of those things are for me.

I got the embroidery bug off Aneela Hoey at the Fat Quarterly Jubilee Weekend Retreat and recently we've had weather too hot to have big quilty sewing or any woolly knitting on one's lap, let alone to have an iron on! So embroidery has been my drug craft of choice.

Some of the bits and bobs that I've stitched are:

1. Stitchy scruffalo close, 2. Embroidertree - full side DSCF6879, 3. Embroidered Ghostery, 4. Embroiderising the ugly - close

I love the handsewing, it is the control enthusiast's choice, and I'm hooked.

The thing is though... what do folk that don't want (or aren't allowed) hoops going dusty on walls DO with embroidery?  Seriously. This is the big puzzle for me at the mo.

Suggestions welcome!



  1. I have the same issue with embroidery which is why I seem to keep returning to stitching hankies! It is the same reason I don't make toys, much fun as they are to sew I don't know nearly enough small people to give them to and I don't want to have a house full of soft toys. Crafty Catch 22 I guess. The pieces do look wonderful though. I particularly like the scruffalo portrait x

  2. Thanks Penny. I'm really liking this embroidery thing so I'm determined to get good answers here and am taking all suggestions. It's probably worth saying that you did actually do well at selling your plushy deer last Christmas though, so I shall still consider that a suggestion! nbnqx

  3. I like to use embroidery on lots of things; from throw pillows and quilts to tote bags and zipper pouches. I usually stitch up the embroidery first, and then sew it into the project.

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I wasn’t able to reply to you via e-mail, but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your comment.

    1. Thanks Jenelle. Totes are my current thing to get the stitch thrill and low-risk practice as I build up to more serious stuff. Might be a silly question but what do you mean by 'stitch-up'? nbnqx