Monday, 2 April 2012

Slow cooked cupcakes

I don't bake real cakes, but still these are yummy. 
nearlybutnotquite dotty sprinkles cupcake brooch
Before I had done any quilting I started making these cupcake brooches to learn from. They are very fiddly, hand quilted over the cupcake pattern, with felt backing and plus then some are embellished with little tiny beads hand sewn on too.  Being a perfectionist/ masochist I of course felt the stitches had to be teeny-weeny and just about invisible. This is obviously the path to crazy, so over the bad light of Autumn and Winter I put the project to bed, and now I'm getting them completed!  It feels amazing.  

nearlybutnotquite choc drop cupcake brooch
Finishing these off feels like I can give myself permission to get on and finish some BIG stuff next. 
Though I fail to ever properly promote it I do even sometimes put things like this on my 'nearlybutnotquite' Etsy shop... and one day, once I've more items made, I will man-up and do some trumpet blowing to promote it. 

nearlybutnotquite beaded quilted fairycake brooch

Honest I will. 


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  1. definitely worth a good old blow on the trumpet... :-)